Land Use and Cropping Recommendations For Various Soil Types in Iowa, 1937-1938.

2019-02-08T19:50:07Z (GMT) by John F. Obrycki
This dataset was transcribed and analyzed to support the article:
Obrycki, J. F., and D. L. Karlen. 2018. “Optimizing Iowa Land Use: Past Perspectives for Current Questions.” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 73 (6): 693–704.

The dataset contains transcribed tables from the county pamphlets “How To Use Your Soil And Keep It Too” distributed by county agricultural planning committees in 1937/1938. There are 90 pamphlets available. One table was included in each pamphlet and was titled “Land Use and Cropping Recommendations For Various Soil Types.” The table included recommended crop rotations by soil type in the county. These tables were created by county agricultural planning committees. The values in the tables were committee recommendations for the types of crop rotations that would protect soils and provide suitable crop production. The dataset contains additional columns that evaluated the county agricultural planning committee recommendations. Two supporting datasets are provided to explain the column assignments using in the primary dataset.