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Data for: Impact of cropping system diversification on vegetative and reproductive characteristics of waterhemp (Amaranthus tuberculatus)

posted on 2022-03-07, 16:04 authored by Huong NguyenHuong Nguyen, Matthew LiebmanMatthew Liebman

We examined the relationship between waterhemp’s aboveground mass and fecundity under four crop species’ presence within three crop rotation systems: a 2-year sequence of corn and soybean; a 3-year sequence of corn, soybean, and oat intercropped with red clover; and a 4-year sequence of corn, soybean, oat intercropped with alfalfa, and alfalfa. All the rotation systems were treated with conventional or reduced rates of herbicides. We established eighteen linear equations to predict waterhemp’s fecundity from dried aboveground mass in each crop and associated crop management program since measuring the latter allows for quicker estimation of fecundity compared to counting seeds on each individual plant.


Robert A. Sloan Scholarship Endowment

Henry A. Wallace Chair for Sustainable Agriculture