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Data for: Impact of matrix rheology on stress concentration in embedded brittle clasts

posted on 2022-04-21, 21:46 authored by Jacqueline ReberJacqueline Reber, Paraskevi Io Ioannidi, Kyle BogatzKyle Bogatz

Supplemental material containing original and unprocessed scans of traces collected in the field at the Papoose Flat pluton, SE California, in fall 2018 and 2019. The traces were obtained by scanning traces of clast in marker ink on transparent plastic.

Change log: Ioannidi_etal_SuppInfo.pdf has been updated to reference the correct figures and tables and supersedes the Supporting Information S1 file available with the paper. 


CAREER: Combining physical and numerical modes to characterize the contribution of semi-brittle rheology to deformation dynamics and strain transients.

Directorate for Geosciences

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