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Data for: Multiple factors co-limit short-term in situ soil carbon dioxide emissions

posted on 2023-08-15, 14:33 authored by James RaichJames Raich, M.S. Kaiser, M. E. Dornbush, Jonathan Martin, Oscar Valverde-Barrantes

These data describe measurements of soil CO2 efflux collected from four locations over multiannual periods. Each flux measurement is coupled with measurements of surface-soil temperature and moisture that were collected at the same time and place. They also include remotely sensed enhanced vegetation index, and mean daily air temperature records collected by nearby weather stations. Flux measurements are presented as measured, in μmol cm-2 s-1, based on short-term measurements across sites, thus capturing site heterogeneity. Similar measurement protocols were used at each location, of which there were two in Iowa, USA; one in Wisconsin, USA; and one in Costa Rica. The principal experimental treatment in each site was land cover.

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