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Data from "Catalytic Upcycling of High Density Polyethylene via a Processive Mechanism"

posted on 2020-08-14, 16:02 authored by Akalanka Tennakoon, Xun Wu, Alexander Paterson, Smita Patnaik, Yuchen Pei, Anne LaPointe, Salai C. Ammal, Ryan A. Hackler, Andreas Heyden, Igor Slowing, Geoffrey W. Coates, Massimiliano Delferro, Baron Peters, Wenyu Huang, Aaron SadowAaron Sadow, Frédéric Perras
GC traces of liquid phase products of hydrogenolysis of polyethylenes, under a series of conditions with supported platinum nanoparticle catalysts and controls;
GPC traces of residual polymeric materials after catalytic conversions;
Characterization of catalytic materials;
DFT calculations of hexane adsorption onto model catalyst surfaces;
NMR spectra, including EXSY spectra, characterizing surface-polymer interactions, polymer conformations, and dynamics


This dataset has been authored, in whole or in part, under Contract No. DE-AC02-07CH11358 with the U.S. Department of Energy.