Gulf of Maine bulk and amino acid nitrogen isotope data from 1783-2010 measured from Arctica islandica shells

2020-04-03T20:26:55Z (GMT) by Nina Whitney
The data presented here are bulk and amino acid nitrogen isotopes and amino acid concentrations measured in Arctica islandica shells collected from the Gulf of Maine between 2009 and 2014. The samples are dated between 1783 and 2010 C.E. using cross-dating techniques. Three different tissue types were analyzed: periostracum, calcium carbonate shell, and adductor muscle. Carbon isotopes of periostracum are also presented. Isotope data were analyzed using an isotope ratio mass spectrometer coupled with a Gas Chromatograph and an Elemental Analyzer for amino acid and bulk analyses, respectively. Amino acid concentration data were analyzed using a Flame Ionization Detector and concentration curves. Trophic position of Arctica islandica through time was determined using a trophic position equation gleaned from the literature.