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Iowa Lakeside Laboratory Avian Collection - simple DarwinCore records

posted on 2022-05-27, 14:29 authored by Iowa Lakeside Laboratory Dark DataIowa Lakeside Laboratory Dark Data

A simple DarwinCore formatted file describing the 362 bird (avian) specimens held by Iowa Lakeside Labratory.

This collection was digitized as part of the Iowa Lakeside Lab Dark Data project. Visit for more information about the lab and its mission.

Time period:  

  • Specimens were collected between 1835 – 2016. 
  • Specimens were photographed in 2018. 


  • North America (n=226)
  • Europe (n=1)
  • Unknown (n=135)

Change log v2: Multiple fields have been updated or corrected. See readme file for details. 


Funding provided by Friends of Lakeside Lab (