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Landform regions in the glaciated Central Lowlands of North America

posted on 2022-09-29, 18:58 authored by Joshua McDanel, Nooreen Meghani, Bradley MillerBradley Miller, Peter Moore

The landform regions of the glaciated CL map produced by this work is an advancement for quantitatively comparing these regions. The map reduced inconsistencies between existing maps that cover only portions of the study area. Inconsistencies between attributes across political boundaries were harmonized based on the latest understanding of geologic history. Inconsistencies in line placement due to different levels of generalization across political boundaries were resolved by applying a consistent criterion for delineating or grouping areas (i.e., age). Line placement was refined by tracing contrasts found in complementary datasets with finer resolution while zoomed in at the local scale. Specifically, line adjustments were guided by changes in relief observed in a 10-m resolution DEM and differences in soil parent material interpreted from soil survey maps originally created at cartographic scales between 1:12:000 and 1:24,000. The resulting regions were then associated with unique ages of exposure to postglacial processes.

Data Type: Shapefile

  • EPSG 4269
  • Projected Coordinate System: USA Contiguous Albers Equal Area Conic
  • Geographic Coordinate System: GCS North American 1983
  • Linear Unit: Meters
  • Extent WGS: (-104.041936, 37.595493, -80.518697, 49.384366) 
  • Centroid WGS: (-91.850674, 44.005068)

Change log: region names have been corrected and now match the version presented in the associated manuscript. 


Collaborative Research: Drainage network evolution following continental glaciation

Directorate for Geosciences

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