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Overwintering physiology in the checkered garter snake (Thamnophis marcianus)

posted on 02.04.2021, 13:24 authored by Kaitlyn HoldenKaitlyn Holden, Eric Gangloff, Anne BronikowskiAnne Bronikowski

These data include information on 2-year old lab-reared checkered garter snakes (Thamnophis marcianus). Animals were used to study the influence of temperature on physiology before, during, and after a simulated brumation. Specifically, the relative effect of immediate temperature and physiological context (entering or exiting brumation) on hormones regulating energy balance, indicators of energy availability, and resting metabolic rate (VO2). Variables measures include: VO2, plasma corticosterone, glucose, and insulin, as well as whole blood immune cell heterophil: lymphocyte ratios.


The integration of cellular stress response, immune function and aging in long- and short-lived ecotypes of garter snake

Directorate for Biological Sciences

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