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Relating slip behavior to off-fault deformation using physical models

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posted on 2022-05-11, 18:51 authored by Emily RossEmily Ross, Jacqueline ReberJacqueline Reber

This data documents physical deformation experiments performed in a laboratory to model off-fault deformation on a strike-slip fault using silicone. The experiments model a change from locked slip behavior to creeping slip behavior.  

Folder "3D Point Clouds"contains three .txt files. Each file is a point cloud of the surface of an experimental run, starting with time0.txt which is the initial, pre-deformation surface. The file time3.txt captures the surface after 3 cm of total displacement, time6.txt captures 6 cm of displacement. 

Folder "2D" PIV Photos" contains .jgp files numbered DSC_0730 through DSC_0860. These photos are taken every three seconds from a fixed pointlooking down on the experiment from above. 

The material in “3D Point Clouds” comes from a separate experimental run from “2D PIV Photos,” but using an identical experimental setup. This experimental run was stopped at 3 cm displacement intervals in order to take photos from many angles.  

Folder "Text files of velocity vectors" contains .txt files. Each file contains a .txt file containing the velocity field from particle tracknig software averaged over ten frames (0-10, 10-20, 20-30, etc.). Each vector is displayed in one row containing x position, y position, u component of vector, v component of vector. 

Folder "Videos" contains three .mov files showing the experiment over time in photos (, velocity magnitude (, and dilatation rate (


Collaborative Research: Linking slip dynamics to off-fault deformation in strike-slip fault systems

Directorate for Geosciences

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