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Studenica church: panoramic views of exterior and interior

posted on 2018-11-19, 22:32 authored by Jelena Bogdanović, Leslie ForehandLeslie Forehand, Magdalena Dragović, Aleksandar Čučaković, Marko Pejić

This dataset contains panorama photos showing the existing Studenica Church.

A major world heritage site on the UNESCO list, the Studenica church in Serbia unites Romanesque and Byzantine ideas of sacred space. The research aims to test the transfer of architectural knowledge and whether the dome that scoops the light in shafts – which remains technically a demanding task in modern construction – points to the applied medieval knowledge of geometry, physics and optics. This research features the Studenica church as a model for advanced studies of medieval architecture that often lacks textual sources about its creation or training of its architects.