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The effect of a liquid phase on force distribution during deformation in a granular system dataset

posted on 2020-07-13, 19:36 authored by Christopher LaddChristopher Ladd, Jacqueline ReberJacqueline Reber
This dataset includes raw images from granular and two-phase experiments, as well as force data from each individual experiment. More information about methods and materials can be accessed in the README.

Two-phase systems, where one phase is solid and the other fluid, are widespread in nature. Examples include reservoir rocks holding vital fluids like water or petroleum, slurries of partially crystallized magmas, the semi-brittle middle crust, and fluids migrating along faults filled with fault gouge. Previous studies of two-phase systems have shown that the weak phase plays an important role on deformation localization and dynamics. Here, we investigate the influence of a weak phase on force distribution in a granular media during simple shear. We use photoelastic polyurethane discs as the granular or strong phase and a linear-viscous silicone as the weak phase. The photoelastic property of the discs allows for direct observation and measurement of force magnitude and distribution. We compare the two-phase experiments to granular experiments without silicone. The addition and percentage of the weak phase has a strong impact on the force distribution and the overall force chain orientations.


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