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Western corn rootworm abundance, injury to corn, and resistance to Cry3Bb1 in the local landscape of previous problem fields

posted on 2020-06-30, 17:09 authored by Coy St ClairCoy St Clair, Graham P. Head, Aaron Gassmann
Data was collected between 2015 and 2018. In this study, we examined fields that had previously experienced greater-than-expected injury to Cry3 (Cry3Bb1 or mCry3A) corn roots (>1 node) (focal fields), and fields in the landscape surrounding these fields up to 2.2 km away. Fields were sampled in 2015, 2016, and 2017 to quantify rootworm abundance, root injury, Cry3Bb1 resistance, and rootworm management strategies by farmers (i.e., cultivation of corn, type of corn that was grown, and insecticide use over the previous 6 years). Additionally, a comparison of root injury to Bt and non-Bt corn within fields was made. Files are organized by analysis of interest, and each data file is paired with a text file of accompanying SAS code, which was used for analysis. Analyses are: survival data from bioassays to test for resistance to Cry3Bb1 and proportion third instar larvae in bioassays, analysis of corrected survival in bioassays, analysis of field history variables, analysis comparing root injury to Bt and non-Bt corn, analysis of root injury, adult rootworm abundance in fields, and correlations of these metrics with distance from focal fields.


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