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Zemmels et al. (2022) Cartridge Case Scans

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A repository of cartridge case scans referenced in Zemmels et al. (2022). This data set is useful as a benchmark for testing and validating automatic cartridge case comparison algorithms. This data set could also be used as an interesting application of image processing/computer vision techniques. Each scan is stored in an XML 3D Surface Profile (x3p) file format. These x3ps contain both the scanned cartridge case surface values in a 2D “surface matrix” as well as metadata concerning the parameters under which the scan was taken (scan size, resolution, name of creator, microscope, microscopy software versions, etc.). 


This work was partially funded by the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) through Cooperative Agreements 70NANB15H176 and 70NANB20H019 between NIST and Iowa State University.