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Zemmels et al. (2023) Cartridge Case Scans

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A repository of cartridge case scans referenced in Zemmels et al. (2022). This data set is useful as a benchmark for testing and validating automatic cartridge case comparison algorithms. This data set could also be used as an interesting application of image processing/computer vision techniques. Each scan is stored in an XML 3D Surface Profile (x3p) file format. These x3ps contain both the scanned cartridge case surface values in a 2D “surface matrix” as well as metadata concerning the parameters under which the scan was taken (scan size, resolution, name of creator, microscope, microscopy software versions, etc.). 

Change log: added link to paper; updated title year to 2023 to match paper; removed files not associated with data per author request on 2023-03-09. MNO


This work was partially funded by the Center for Statistics and Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) through Cooperative Agreements 70NANB15H176 and 70NANB20H019 between NIST and Iowa State University.