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iButton miniature temperature data logger effect on bird nest survival estimation

posted on 2022-01-12, 17:31 authored by Matthew StephensonMatthew Stephenson, Robert KlaverRobert Klaver, Jarad NiemiJarad Niemi, Lisa A. Schulte

This dataset was used to (1) examine the possible effect of thermal data-loggers on nest success through hatching for grass- and shrub-nesting songbirds that differed in their parasite egg-accepting and -rejecting behavior, (2) examine the effect of using daily temperature data versus less-frequent nest-visit data on statistical power, bias, and precision when estimating nest daily survival rate (DSR), and (3) compare these two approaches using a simulation study and field data. We monitored survival of nests found in agricultural landscapes and used a binomial logistic regression with main effects for data logger and parasite accepting or rejecting status and an interaction. It is based on nest survival records collected in Iowa, U.S. between 2015-2017 and simulated data produced within.

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